4.7 out of 5

Mark M.

Working with Kevin for this line of credit was a great experience. He took the time to find out about our business and the seasonal trends we encounter. He was very supportive and informative on how everything works. He also gave me several different options for funding so I could find the one that fit my needs and cash flow the best. I found the entire process to be fast and efficient and incredibly easy. I highly recommend On Deck as a source of funding and I look forward to a great relationship with them.

Craig S.

Very positive experience. Jose went above and beyond what I expected in order to help me get approved for a line of credit. I sincerely felt Jose cared about getting what I wanted, and what I needed. Actually, I didn't expect to be approved because of the debt I was already carrying. However, Jose asked a lot of questions, got to know me and and my business, and understood why I was applying for a loan. OnDeck did their research and I had access to the money in less than 24 hours. If you want someone who really wants to help, give OnDeck Capital a call.

Jean B.

James is top notch, very professional, and extremely knowledgeable in his assistance with the process of funding this loan for my business. It is a pleasure to work with a company, and individual, that knows what they are doing and cares enough to listen to me. I am extremely appreciative for this opportunity to get my business back on track with a potential to grow, grow, grow.

Aestocia R.

We needed additional capital to grow, take on new contracts, and hire additional employees. Being a small company, the big banks have no interest in our business. OnDeck was able to be the bridge to get us to the next level and cover our out of pocket upfront costs to grow. Our Loan Specialist was Kenada Putmon. He was excellent about explaining the process, sending document requests and his follow-up was impeccable!! Process was fast, easy and we always felt like we knew where we were in the loan process. Excellent experience and will recommend to others.


4.2 out of 5

James F.

Haven Missouri

Anastasia reached out to me about renewing a loan I had taken from OnDeck for my business. Crazy enough it was perfect timing, as I was looking to do some improvements to one of my locations. She made everything very easy, and in no time I was approved and funded. I couldn't be happier with the service I received from Ana. Thanks again! I would recommend OnDeck to any small business owner who needs a short term cash injection, and doesn't want to mess with the complicated financing process that banks will put you through. Thanks again Ana!

Wade G.

Westchester, NY

This is my first time working with OnDeck and the experience has been over and above what I would have expected. My Customer Service Representative Dajuan was so helpful and he guided me through the process. He was attentive to my needs and called me back to let me know how things were going with my loan as the approval process went forward. Just like OnDeck advertises, I was approved for a business loan within 3 days. I will be working with OnDeck Lending in the future and I recommend them to anyone looking for a good business lender. I just want to say thank you OnDeck, for helping me grow my business in 2017.

Pierre A.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hemos estado trabajando con OnDeck Financial por casi un año en estos momentos y hemos hecho tres préstamos diferentes. Hemos descubierto que esta es una gran solución para cualquier necesidad de capital extendido que tenemos con nuestra pequeña empresa de publicación de software. Es fácil trabajar con ellos y Anastacia en especial hace que el proceso sea rápido y simple Ella maneja nuestras preguntas y cuenta muy bien.

Dave K.

Castle Rock, CO

OnDeck Financial is a great solution for any extended capital needs you may have with your small business. They were very easy to work with and the process was quick and simple. Adam handled our questions and account very well. We are grateful to have found OnDeck and recommend them for any business owner needing some extra capital for your ongoing business needs.


9.4 out of 10

Richard G.

Es una etapa muy temprana en nuestra relación, pero mi experiencia con OnDeck a la fecha ha sido excelente. Ellos han sido totalmente abiertos sobre todo y el proceso de solicitud es simple, directo y rápido. El financiamiento ocurrió a unas pocas horas de ser aprobados, algo que sobrepasó mis expectativas. Las tasas de interés son altas, pero ellos están tomando un riesgo y se merecen un buen beneficio. Espero que mi costo/tasas de préstamo bajen con el tiempo y con mi buen desempeño.

Beverley B.

Es muy fácil y rápido trabajar con OnDeck. Las personas son muy serviciales y dispuestas a trabajar con las necesidades de nosotros. Me sentía nerviosa por tener que pedir ayuda, pero ellos me calmaron y trabajaron con mi situación financiera y encontraron el financiamiento que funcionaba para mí. Se lo recomiendo encarecidamente a cualquier persona y estoy feliz de haberlos encontrado.

Hugh S.

Toda persona que esté en el mundo empresarial debería usar OnDeck, es maravilloso trabajar con ellos, tienen mejores tasas que la mayoría de bancos.

Paula D.

Fue realmente una experiencia maravillosa porque las chicas que manejaron mi caso eran como sabuesas y profesionales y sabían hacer su trabajo.

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